HCF High Yield CD Account

We believe your money should work as hard for you as you do
  • Built for savers who want a great interest rate, security and flexibility in one simple product
  • No fees, No maximums, Only $1000 minimum balance​
  • 1 month renewable open term​
  • Deposit anytime, withdraw some or all with 1 month notice
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Backed by FDIC insured deposits and insured with a $100MM by Lloyd’s of London

Best Rate

The highest return of any savings product in the US at 6% APY


The most flexible access to your money, make deposits anytime, withdraw in 1 month


Call us at 1-888-221-4534 or contact us at help@myloan.doctor

APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Assumes interest earned each month is left in the acccount and allowed to compound

Existing Clients benefit from previous rate pricing at 6% APY. New clients receive current posted APY rate.

Account Fees and Early Withdrawal fees may apply, reducing the overall interest earned. Please see FAQ and/or Terms and Conditions for details

Loan Doctor Financial is not a bank, the CD is not a bank deposit, and is not directly insured by FDIC

Minimum Balance of $1000 for an initial deposit, and additional deposits, applies

One (1) Month Term renews automatically and requires 1 month notification prior to any partial or full withdrawal (account closing)

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