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Why Health Care Professionals Choose Us

No Fees

We don't charge you any fees for our service, so you always get the best deal

Top Lenders

All the banks we work with are top rated, competitively priced and experts in medical financing


We have multiple lenders in every state, giving you options and ensuring you get the best loan for your needs

Best Terms

We guarantee that you will get the best terms by working with us, saving you money and improving your financial health

How we can help

Your Practice

Acquisition or Startup

We help you find the best loans to buy or start your dream practice, from a small practice to large multi-office practices. With the best rates in the industry, we help you save money and maximize your cashflow

Your Home

Real Estate and More

Whether you are buying real estate for your practice, your first home, a vacation home, or simply investing in real estate for income, we can help you. Our real estate lending programs maximize your investment. 

Your Life

Student Loans

Are you a dental, medical or other health profession student? We could help you avoid the high fees and rates of Federal loans. If you already graduated, our programs could save you money with great low rates.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Love Loan Doctor Financial"
Donald S.
"I would not hesitate to refer any of my colleagues your way"
Dr. Chong Shao
"Thank you.... Stellar results"

Gail H.

Our Trusted Lending Partners

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